Friday, January 4, 2013

There goes the neighborhood

We've been adopted by a coyote.  This is not good.  He is a big papa bear of a coyote and is not bothered by our attempts to run him off one bit.  He looks at us, in broad daylight mind you (coyotes are usually not seen in the day) deciding whether it would be worth the trouble to take us down or just, you know, leave and come back later when it's quiet.  On one hand, I wouldn't mind seeing our squirrel and wild rabbit population cut down a bit, those rodents are very distructive to my garden (ha!) er yard er... outside dirt area.  But on the other hand our one and only remaining dog is a small one and would barely serve as a light lunch for this animal.  And seeing as Billy (the dog) was Dan's mom's dog before she died -- if that dog got et, it might be the last straw for what's left of Dan's mental health.  So there's big talk now of being better about keeping the gate closed, calling Animal Control or jus' takin care of business the country way... shotgun style. 


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. Mr. Moon would shoot it. Probably. I think I heard coyotes howling in the night a few days ago. They are everywhere now, aren't they?

NOLA said...

Hm, a bold coyote is not a good thing.

Petit fleur said...

You know, I would say that maybe you could get someone to relocate him, but that is easier said than done. Also, he'd likely find his way back to his territory. sigh.

I remember when the Moon's had a fox that was really bold about coming out during the day to find a way into their chicken coop. Crazy.
Good luck.