Friday, December 21, 2012

quite well indeed

Ms. Moon commented on the last song I posted that she hoped all was well, so I suppose I'm overdue to blog :)

I am quite well, actually.  There are things about life that are not so well.  No money.  Truck broken down which is frustrating the husband greatly.  But as The Dude says, and Ms. Moon said just tonight, I abide. 

It will work out.  The truck will be fixed soon enough.  We can borrow a car from my parents to get by as needed. 

Oh, and I'm off work for TWO AND A HALF WEEKS.  That may have something to do with my pleasant attitude and happy outlook right now. 

I haven't had this much time off in one stretch in the 12+ years I've been working at the college and IT IS GOING TO BE FABULOUS.  Even if I do a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe especially if. 

On the weightloss/SparkPeople front, I am down 38 pounds since September 10.  FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC if I do say so myself.  As of this week's weigh in, I am 1/4 of the way to my long-term goal of losing 140 pounds.  Now that goal is purely theoretical at this point.  I won't die if I never get there, but I am enjoying the challenges of staying within my daily calorie range, burning at least my target number of calories per week, and a doing target number of exercise minutes per month.  It's like a game.  I even get points!  Literally. 

And we're in the home stretch as far as holiday crap goes.  The shopping is done.  Sunday we will have dinner for my aunt and uncle's anniversary (30-some years), Monday we will go to Knott's, and Tuesday is you-know-what and then after that we can just chill the fuck out. 


NOLA said...

Good to see you here and things are well. And 38 pounds is PHENOMENAL!!! Go, you!3

Petit fleur said...

Wowsa! Good for you and carry on with your bad self!!! Congrats on how well you are doing with weight loss, time off, getting Christmas crap done and generally enjoying yourself.

I'm loving hearing this! More good than not good. Sometimes that's just as good as it gets.
hugging you from here.
xo pf

Ms. Moon said...

Fabulous! I am glad I asked....
Gotta keep us posted, girl.

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Wow, congrats on the weight/fitness. A big part of feeling well....for me at least. The day after Xmas means back to the gym. Hooray!