Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Rogue DeVilles

I went out last night in spite of myself.  I went as a show of support for Dan.  He does audio tech for some local bands and there was a show at the bar that is literally right down the street from our house.  So I went because I felt I should but ended up staying happily.  I had never heard one of the bands that was playing and they played the shit out of that place.  It was good to get away from my own personal marathon of The Walking Dead episodes and hear the kind of music that I want my kids growing up with.  I was maybe a little tempted to offer Baby Mama services to the guitar player, but I refrained.  Below is a clip of the band, but at another show at a different bar.


liv said...

glad you had fun!

that cracked me up with the "baby mama services" thing! I'm sure Dan appreciated your restraint!

All This Trouble... said...

"baby mama services"

I've never heard it put like that. Funny stuff. Especially since I'm married to a lead guitarist. I tell him they pine for him but he never listens. HA!