Friday, November 23, 2012


We did things differently this year.  Usually we host Thanksgiving here, but Grandpa doesn't really get out much anymore, so we took Thanksgiving to my grandparent's house.  It worked well, but I sort of feel like we didn't have Thanksgiving because my house didn't get put through the wringer like it does when we have a get together here.  The cleaning and the furniture rearranging that goes into hosting in this house is good for it, and for me to I think. 

But it was worth it for all of us to be together, so no complaints.  Last year when my grandparents and my cousin didn't make it over because Grandpa wasn't feeling well (and ended up in the hospital) it really didn't feel right. 

We've been doing a lot lately that I should have been writing about.  Maya's 16th birthday for one - her party went well.  We also finally went to A Day Out With Thomas (the train) which was a huge success. 


Petit fleur said...

Oh MY GOD! Maya is 16?!!! Holy crap time is flying! It seems like weeks ago you were thinking of pulling the plug on a My little pony or Unicorn party because she had done something or other that she was not supposed to.... Wow! Well, I hope that she enjoys being 16. I thought I was really big stuff, I remember!

Glad your Thanksgiving went well. Ours was fine too. We were in LA. I loved the neighborhood my niece lives in. I am still kind of neurotic right now, but working on digging my way out.

michelle said...

Yeah! I'm all like "what, Maya's 16???" too. Aye aye aye

glad you had a good thanksgiving