Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I didn't disown him

Stolen from Girl's Gone Child.

As so many classes did, my son's kindergarten/first grade combo class held a mock election yesterday.  My son, sweetheart that he is, voted for Romney.  When I asked him why he chose Romney, he told me that Romney has 2 dogs and 2 horses and 2 sons.  I told him that might not be the best reason to vote for a president but he insisted that Romney won!  His small class liked Romney.  He did win the vote in that room. 

Ah well, not so in the old Electoral College.  I managed to restrain myself from giving my six-year-old a neener neener neener when he got up this morning.  I'm big like that.


Kristen Grimes said...


Petit fleur said...

Vewy cute. Vewy sweet.

Yes you are big that way! :-) I have several people that I am giving psychic neeener neeners to, but the truth is I'm too chicken to do it for real. ha!
Cheers for Blue for now.

EcoCatLady said...

Well... you could have said "Yes dear, but Obama has a heart and a conscience."

Sorry... couldn't resist.