Friday, October 19, 2012

I see you

Immediately outside of the building I work in is a rose garden.  I shame myself a little sometimes in that I don't always see it.  I walk by  a wealth of loveliness multiple times a day, and don't always take notice.  Today this single red rose is stretched up taller than all the rest yelling, "look at me!  Look at meeee!"

I laughed a little at that rose because just a few moments before, I had passed an instructor and thought about how we had both seen each other (I'm not talking about flirting or ogling, just registering the other person's presence) twice, no less.  First he walked west past the library as I walked east, then he walked east through the humanities building as I walked west.  And we each knew that we were each taking a quick stroll on a lovely day.  And I noticed again what beautiful eyes he has. 

The noticing doesn't always happen.  People don't always see.  Once in another building, I saw another employee downstairs, we took different routes up, and I saw him upstairs.  He asked me whether I had just come out of one of the upstairs rooms, and I  thought to myself that he knew I was just downstairs... he had seen me.  He even said hi.  But he didn't realize.  It didn't register. 

I like it better when I see.  I think I like it better when I am seen too. 


liv said...

I enjoyed this post Steph(anie), especially the last line.

It makes such a difference to see and be seen, both can change our whole perspective. And both bring great rewards. But it's all in the slowing down isn't it? Paying attention - thanks for the reminder.

Ms. Moon said...

Mindfulness. That is what mindfulness must mean.

Mama D said...

It is an affirmation to be seen and noticed. How soul-crushing to be deemed unworthy of recognition and acknowledgment!