Saturday, September 1, 2012


I've been wanting to write this and avoiding it at the same time.  Three weeks and a few hours after our dog Callie died, her oldest and closest doggie pal Dusty followed her.  As much as it was a shock when Callie died after not feeling well for just a couple days, Dusty went down hill over a couple weeks and took his time.  By last Saturday we knew it could be days our hours.  Tuesday morning he was gone.  To the best of our knowledge he was around 12 years old, having been with us almost 10 years. 

Dusty was a bear of a dog.  Large and lumbering with a warning bark that stopped strangers in their tracks.  I was so grateful to have his imposing figure to stand guard over our house on our dark and dirty (literally) street. 

It's so quiet here now.  Dusty couldn't let a plane fly over without giving it what for.  Get outta my sky, he would tell them. 

So now we have two dogs.  Bella and Billy.  A queensland heeler mix and a shih tzu respectively.  Two is a much more manageable number than four.  But after Dusty died Austin became very fearful that Bella might die too.  I want to be honest and tell him that yes, she will die, but hopefully not for a very long time.  That doesn't satisfy him though and I end up fighting my instincts and saying that no, she won't die. 

Anyway, we're fine here.  Still a little sad and adjusting, but fine. 

And if there is such a thing as Fall Fever, I've got it.  (As opposed to Spring Fever.)  This heat can't end soon enough as far as I'm concerned. 


NOLA said...

My beloved dog Selma died four years ago and I still acutely mourn her loss. She too went very quickly downhill - she was living with my BFF and her dog whom we knew was short for the world so wanted them to be together at the end, and once Otter was gone Selma was too quick to follow.

Several people have suggested I get a dog, in large part as a security measure for my house. I insist no - I have no yard, don't have time to raise them right, etc.

But mostly, it's that Selma was my heart and can never be replaced.

Ms. Moon said...

I think that one of the main reasons to have pets is to teach children about death. it's not the reason people get pets- we hardly ever think about their deaths when they are young- but it works out that way.
I'm sorry. But. Death is as sure as life. And sadly, every one of us must learn about it's great mystery.

liv said...

Sorry to hear that happened Steph. I knew something was going on or you would have been writing.

When my first one, Tip (a border collie) went, her companion, Bailey (a terrier mix) had a stroke - she was so bereaved. Dogs are a blessing, but like MM says, they do die and that is a sure thing.

Austin will figure it out on his own sooner or later. But it's hard isn't it - knowing just what to say to them ? I'm sorry for your lose.

I'm looking forward to Autumn too, and glad you still have Bella and Billy to hunker down with when the cold weather gets here.

Petit fleur said...

Sorry to hear about yet another loss. It is hard on the wee ones. So far I don't remember Harley ever asking if I would die, but I do remember him saying that if he would be sad if anything ever happened to me and that he didn't want it to.

Safe passage Dusty.

Hang in there.

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Oh! So very sorry.
My dogs died within 6 months of each other. I still miss them.