Monday, August 13, 2012

deep breath

To be honest, I'm in a real shitter of a mood.  So much so that when I read the tragic story of a bride that stabbed her fiancé to death just hours before their wedding, I laughed out loud.  Until I got to the part about them having kids.  Not funny. 

My crankiness will pass.  Eventually.  Probably. 

In the mean time I'm trying to perk up by listening to Katy Perry.  I took Maya to see her movie yesterday at the second-run theater and it was very good.  I was surprisingly impressed.

1 comment:

liv said...

I love Katie Perry - brave little girl!
Her movie is only playing at one theater 20 miles from me and I live in a major city....what's with that?

Hope your crankiness passes soon - but I can relate :( :)