Monday, July 23, 2012

How very Old World of us

We went to the circus.  The big old-fashioned one with all the animals.  Well, the old-fashioned one that now also includes motorcycle acts. 

There's something very Old World European about the circus, isn't there?  The PETA people were out in force to give us a good helping of New World guilt though.  I shouldn't be snarky about it.  I don't want animals to be abused.  But their big piece of proof was a picture of a juvenile elephant with a padded shackle around his ankle.  It said something like: this hurts me.  If that's the worst they do to these animals, I don't feel too bad about giving them my money.  And if it weren't for the circus and the zoo, how many kids in the States would ever see these animals in person?  Unless I win the lottery, my kids don't have much chance of going on an African safari any time soon. 

It's a good show, that old circus.  Too many acts to list.  The acrobats, one act in particular, really knocked me out.  They were sitting inside clear plastic spheres that were split in half and they would open them clamshell style and dangle out of them, high above the ground, just about scaring the crap out of me every time. 

Anyway, acrobats aside, how do you feel about circuses using animal acts?  Do you prefer the people-only circuses like Cirque du Soleil?

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liv said...

I love circus's (is that correct spelling?) but I hate watching animals do things that people "make" them do. It feels like evil manipulation, except for the things that keep them safe, like "sit" and "stay". Ya know what I mean?

Why can't animals just be animals? It's a privilege to be on the planet with them. They are just pure love (well, most of them are - chimpanzee's scare me) So I guess, yes, I prefer Cirque du Soleil and I LOVE the acrobats. It's like watching someone fly :)