Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Break adventures in LB

This week is our Spring Break and while I had been hoping for a road trip, my bank account thought it wasn't such a good idea after all, so we're having some adventures closer to home. Yesterday we drove to Long Beach and went to the Aquarium of the Pacific then had lunch at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co and then spent the afternoon at the Queen Mary. The Queen Mary is an excellent example of reusing/recycling; they turned that enormous boat into a hotel way before recycling was cool. I haven't downloaded any pictures yet, but maybe I will Thursday. Maybe.

Some random thoughts follow. The Queen Mary was built well before all that ADA business; there are way too many stairs and my knee was not happy by the end of the day. On the freeway I saw a semi truck emblazoned with the name BM Transport; this tickled me to no end. My favorite thing at the aquarium was touching the moon jellyfish; Austin's favorite thing was the little play area where a fish statue/fountain spits in your general direction while kids play on a pretend fishing boat; Maya liked taking pictures of every-flipping-thing; Dan liked the sharks and the sting rays. As much as I love the movie Forrest Gump, I wasn't as pleased with the Bubba Gump place as I hoped to be; the little gift shop area had a shirt that said my mama says I'm special; now I'm not usually easily offended by that sort of thing but that shirt bothered me on a couple levels, one of which being that Sally Field's character would never have said anything like that.


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

I adore the aquarium. What a wonderful place for an outing.

liv said...

Oh, that sounds like a great day out. We have an Aquarium near here too, but I forget about it sometines. Thanks for the reminder.

BM transport...that would have made me snort too, hahaha

Pictures, please..?

All This Trouble... said...

We are also breaking Spring close to home this week. I'm very, very tired. We go back on Monday and there is no rest in sight.

Screw that shirt.

Demandra said...

DUDE! You were *literally* in my backyard. I live on Ocean Blvd. just north of the aquarium.

Sing it with me now! It's a small world after all...

LB is the best town. Love it.