Tuesday, March 20, 2012

dream house


I dreamed about the old house last night. House being a relative term here. It was a single-wide park-model mobile home. An old school mobile, not like the “manufactured home” we live in now. It was somewhere around 780 square feet. Maya’s “bedroom” was 6’x7’. She didn’t even have a twin bed in there. My mom found an antique – not vintage, antique – hospital bed from the days when people on the whole were smaller. She cut some foam down to size for a mattress. It was barely a house by American standards, but in some parts of Mexico it would have been a damn palace.

That place was so tiny that when we had all of a dozen people in there for a birthday party, each person had to move if someone else needed to get somewhere. Like those cheap little plastic puzzles with one blank space and you have to strategically slide each piece one at a time to get it right.

In this dream we were hoarders. There were clothes unwashed and untended, piled and inviting rodents. I was very opposed to throwing the clothes away and argued (I don’t know with who) that they should be washed and taken to the Salvation Army. That would be the right thing to do! I was at once mortified by the condition of my home and somehow completely unable to change it.


The photo up top was borrowed from the interwebs. Ours wasn't quite that cute. Nor did it have that much natural light as it was inside a barn... I'll have to dig up some old photos to post. The funny thing is, we were happy there. At least I remember it that way. We had our bad days, but it was home.


NOLA said...

Very much like the trailer I grew up in! Love it!

But Steph, don't be a hoarder. :)

Steph(anie) said...

Dan says I am one, but I just think of it as collecting :)

Steph(anie) said...

Oh shit... Hoarders of the third type often keep "collections" as a hobby, such as linens and clothing, personal care items, small toys and trinkets, or old tools and machinery.

NOLA said...

Hahahaha! You're so busted! ;)

Petit fleur said...

Those damn puzzles make me crazy... I always cheat! hee hee.

I've been a bit nostalgic lately also. Maybe it's the weather?


Steph(anie) said...

Couldn't be because you're getting ready to move and while you are happy about your new start, it's also sad to leave people and places behind :)

Ms. Moon said...

May was born in a trailer like that. Not with hoarded stuff, but yes, a trailer like that. Hank slept on a crib mattress on the floor in that tiny bedroom. It served its purpose in our life and I think back on it fondly.

Petit fleur said...

HA! Yes, I'm thinking you are correct. Silly me.