Thursday, February 9, 2012

I really am a dork

I've talked before about my first job at the movie theater I think... it was fun! Highly recommended for the teenagers. Anyway, from that part-time job and part-time college I eventually made my way to the exciting world of being an internet professional. Not like an online sexworker or anything... no I'm in the .edu realm.

Anyway anyway, the other day I was poking around on Etsy when I ran accross some old timey marquee letters -- the plastic kind we used waaaayyy back in the 1990s before marquees went all digital. I could not help myself and had to order a few. I couldn't find the right combo to spell my kids names or even get all our initials, so I decided to bridge the gap between that first job I had and the current internet age with all its abbrevs.

I give you my plastic marquee letter LOL:

Now -- where to hang it?


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So cool !!!

Petit fleur said...

PS What showed up on my little Unsweet Mama icon was just a great big red "O". I was intrigued. I just thought I'd tell you because I just saw it again and was thinking how fun it looked!

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