Saturday, February 25, 2012

directionally challenged

I am lying awake trying to decide (if we replace the shitty fake wood floors in our house) should the planks run east/west or north/south. In the living room they absolutely must run east/west, but in the kids' rooms north/south is the only way to go. Is it acceptable to change directions from one room to another? Or within a room for that matter? These are the things that keep me up at night.

As I sat in the living room today, a lost and riderless horse ran northward not 10 feet in front of the window I was looking out of. This is not a metaphor. I live in the kind of neighborhood where all kinds of animals lose their way and end up in the wrong yard. Several Christmases ago it was another neighbor's emus. One summer there was a Texas longhorn in the middle of the road. That was before the ranch down the street was sold to housing developers. Today's horse had been spooked by some dogs - perhaps mine - and thrown its human. The girl is fine. The horse is still skittish. I wouldn't trust the thing with my child.


Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

OMG. What images those events conjure.

As for the floors....I did my floors a couple of years ago. The man who loves me is actually a flooring contractor. Running the wood with the traffic pattern is one way to do it. We didn't do that in my downstairs which is an open floor plan. We ran the boards in the direction of the focal points (the fireplace and the big windows.) It's lovely. And in the bedrooms and hallways upstairs we kept the boards all running the same way instead of changing directions at the doorway. I like the seamless look of that. There definitely are options. Have you ever seen a room where the boards run diagonally? I love that, too.

EcoCatLady said...

So your horse story reminded me of something that happened when I was an exchange student living in Norway. I had just arrived and didn't speak much of the language. I was standing in the living room of my host family with my back to a sliding glass door when all of a sudden the 9 year old girl of the family points her finger in my direction and starts screaming, "Arg! Arg! Arg!"

Turns out she was actually screaming "elg" and her regional accent made it sound like "arg"... anyhow, "elg" is the Norwegian word for moose and lo and behold there was a moose wandering through the back yard!

Oh my!

I have no advice to offer on floors. After being in this house for 17 years now, I still haven't had the guts to rip up the avocado green shag carpet. I know there are oak floors under there, but who knows what condition they're in. Someday I'll get brave...