Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dentally Gifted

Boy oh boy, am I behind here. Long stories short: Maya will be getting dental braces and her first pair of eyeglasses this month. She's actually excited about both. I will post photos after all the hardware is in :)

Also on the tooth front, Austin has his first loose tooth. Mah baby is growing up [sniff]. He is not so excited about this development. His aunt who has been visiting for a couple weeks has dentures and when we told him that his teeth were starting to fall out, he sorta freaked the fuck out and thought he was going to have to get dentures like Auntie Debbie. I can laugh about it now. He's still not too sure about this whole baby tooth/permanent tooth thing though.

Back to Maya... as if braces and glasses weren't enough for one month, I got an email from her teacher about her "trouble with dandruff." In my response to him I stopped just short of telling him to mind his own fucking business and stick to his own goddamn job. And I copied the principal and the Special Ed counselor. I haven't gotten a response back yet... stay tuned!

PS. Again, not that it's any of his freaking business, we recently switched from one dandruff shampoo to another and the second one isn't working as well. We switched back, but it takes a couple days to clear up.


Petit fleur said...

What? That is the weirdest thing I've heard in a while... a teacher complaining of dandruff?!!! Sheesh! Our education system is going down that toilet! Good for you for standing up to that shit.

Can't wait to see Maya with her new "hardware"!

They are growing up, don't blink.

tearinguphouses said...

are you serious? that teacher has a lot of time on his hands...