Monday, January 9, 2012

Western Science Center 01/08/12

We live fairly close to the "largest public works project in California," Diamond Valley Lake. DVL is a man-made lake, a water reservoir for SoCal. There were many years of digging the valley floor prior to filling the reservoir which fed some healthy archaeological and paleontological research.

The museum they built to house some of the findings there is the Western Science Center. The current exhibit at the WSC is Be the Dinosaur! With a five-year-old boy in the house, you know we had to go see the dinosaurs! Austin's hands down favorite was the Jurassic Park style "jeep" with a TV screen for a windshield. The kid needs to practice driving A LOT more because he kept running the poor dinos over. Ooops.

Maya was the only one who would take a picture with the T-Rex skull for me. I failed to get pictures of the ground sloth skeletons in another section, but Dan and I were really tripping out on those, they were bigger than us!

This exhibit is obviously geared toward the digital generation, with more joy-sticked, wide-screened sit-downs than actual bones, but the kids (including the husband) liked it.

Across the way in the lake's visitor center, we learned some depressing things about how many hundreds of gallons of water each of the 6 billion of us humans use EVERY DAY. Uggh.

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Ms. Moon said...

Don't you just feel so noble when you take your kids somewhere "educational"?
I always did.