Sunday, January 1, 2012

it's the hangover talking

Well. Here we are. My weariness over the holidays that I had hoped would turn into relief has turned instead into anxiety.

2012 and I am suddenly thinking of Lori again. I haven't written about her in a while. Do I have any new readers? If so, go here.

When it happened and then the possibility that she had bought into all the 2012 nonsense came up, 2012 felt so far away. But now here it is. And how do we start the year? An earthquake in Japan (though thankfully not as bad a last year's). Seriously? Someone is fucking with us, right? There is a god, and he has a bitchy sense of humor. Either that or Mother Earth is going to shake us off her back like a dog with so much water.


Happy New Year... really. We spent New Year's Eve playing ping-pong with the kids and then sitting around the fire pit. It was perfect.

Listen to this, it's wonderful.

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