Friday, December 2, 2011

Vintage Mama

The two above are from spring 1998. Dig the faux wood panelling and rust colored shag. Good Lord, that house was dark before we painted and replaced the carpet.

This is one of the few photos of myself that I actually like. I don't know why; it's really not that flattering. This is either 1997 or somewhere around 2000. I am guessing based on my hair length.


Ms. Moon said...

Does Austin look like you or what?

Steph(anie) said...

He really does.

Petit fleur said...

You are so adorable! I love the one of you and Dan. Funny@

And yep, there is no doubt who those kiddo's mama is.

All This Trouble... said...

I kinda have a crush on Dan now. I think that top photo did it for me. And the little curl over your ear makes ME want to give hugs! These make me very happy.

Kristen said...

Awww! Love those pics - especially the one at the top. :-)