Friday, December 16, 2011

double negative?

This sign is hanging in the hallway at Austin's school. While I appreciate the [intended] sentiment, I'm fairly sure that because bully is crossed out, that means no bully. So NO 'no bully' means bullies are encouraged, right? Or worse yet, all the kids are required to be bullies (as in no kids who are NOT bullies). The fuck?

Yes, I realize I'm being overly analytical. Can't help it.


Kristen said...

you have quite the point there!

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Someone doesn't trust the power of the visual. Not a good trait for a sign maker.
I would also argue that the word zone is redundant.
And shouldn't "bully" be pluralized? As in "No Bullies?"
But the sentiment is fabulous.

How about this for bully signage? "All Bullies Will Be Beat Up, Teased, and Humiliated?" Kidding.

Ms. Moon said...

Maybe it's the NO ZONE where bullying is not allowed. Which still makes no sense.

Petit fleur said...

American education at work. Must be all that underfunding.

Good get.