Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So much for that

The birthday that was supposed to be scaled back after Maya got in trouble wasn't all that scaled back after all.

She was allowed to be in the Veteran's Day Parade - waving from the rumble seat of my parents' 1929 Model A - so she didn't clean house on Friday [eyeroll].

Saturday we picked up her new bestie and braved the rain to play mini golf and arcade games, then she and Austin stayed overnight with their grandparents.

We knew that my parents had a meeting they had to go to on Monday night, so we had a big family dinner on Sunday with homemade mac' and cheese, meatloaf, buttered asparagus and an ice cream cake.

Monday, her actual birthday, one of the classroom aides at her school brought in a cake and her classmates sang Happy Birthday to her. Then Monday night we went to her favorite restaurant where the wait staff sang to her and she got an ice cream sundae (which she shared with her brother).

But I canceled that party and the trip to Disneyland! That'll teach her. Right.


Petit fleur said...

Damn straight!

And make her do that homework! hahahahahahaha!

Denise Emanuel Clemen said...

Well, ya gotta do something as the momma, right?
The teen years. Sigh.