Friday, September 9, 2011

this may be my favorite yet

Maya's birthday is a little over two months away. Which means she's been planning it in her head and out loud for about 9 and half months. There are basically two options when it comes to birthdays in this family (as far as kids go). Amusement park or party. She's been waffling quite a bit about which way to go, but we found a tipping point when I told her she could only invite one friend if we go to an amusement park (I'm poor), but she could invite pretty much everyone she knows if we have a party. DING DING DING DING. We have a winner.

Parties in this house tend toward the formulaic, but everyone has a good time.

  • Jumper (one year we swapped this out for video games and Karaoke)
  • Cupcakes (decorated to the theme)
  • ice cream
  • chips, dip, veggies, fruit
  • beer (for the grown ups)
  • pizza or a more finger foods
  • music (DUH)

So the next step is to figure out the theme. I am proud to say that we have never repeated a theme*. (I know it's not much to be proud of, but I'm an underachiever, I'll take what I can get). Past themes have included pirates, Tinkerbell, Hello Kitty, Spider-man, rocker girl, Thomas the train... so on.

Maya found a new one she likes for this year and it is simply... well, AWESOME.

UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS. It doesn't get any cheesier than that, people. And it is making me ridiculously happy. Just imagine all the ways to work this theme in -- rainbow sherbet instead of ice cream, lots of LGBT type rainbow paraphernalia...

Unicorn farts. This is going to be FUN y'all.


*Both kids had their own Blue's Clues party... but that doesn't count as a repeat, right? Austin wasn't even born yet when Maya had hers.


Ms. Moon said...

PLEASE take a picture of that button to a bakery and have them do a cake with that exact picture on it. PLEASE?

Petit fleur said...

Nope, it doesn't count.

The rainbow farting Unicorn made my whole day! (I'm sick and grouchy) So thanks for the chortle.

Murr Brewster said...

I've always pondered that unicorns must have dreadful births, unless they start out with a nubbin. Bummer, mom! Stand up! Stand up! Mom?

happy birthday to girlchild--hope it's zombies next year.

Elizabeth said...

When my kids were younger, I was obsessed with the theme thing and I loved doing it exactly. The unicorn thing is fab. Can't wait to see what you do --

Steph(anie) said...

MM - We'll see :)

PF - Hope you're feeling better.

MB - Yeah, ouch. I may have to claim zombies for my birthday.

EA - No pressure!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I feel for you, girl.

Darcy said...

oh. my. YES!!!! best party EVER! never heard of this one and in love with it! need pics later!

Angella Lister said...

Late to the party but I love your gusto! I always kind of failed at the party theme thing so I am deeply admiring of the fact that you pull this off not once, but twice every year. And who doesn't love unicorns and rainbows!