Friday, July 15, 2011

wore the F out

Shaggy boy needs a haircut but refuses.
I'm choosing to pick my battles.

Before surgery. Anxious.

After surgery. He looks like his throat's been slit.
It went well but took longer than expected.
Two nights in hospital; home now and medicated.

I hate squirrels.
The tip top of this avocado tree has been gnawed almost through.
There's a bunch of new leaf buds on there, but that piece is done for.
I fucking HATE squirrels.


I want to write more, but I am worn out.


michelle said...

I need to catch up...

off to do that now


Petit fleur said...

Shaggy boy is so dang adorable... he can stay shaggy as far as I'm concerned! :-)

Glad Dan is out and ok. He is going to have a cool scar. If I had one like it, I would go with the knife fight story..."You should see the other guy"... Seriously, it's good he's home and hopefully up and around soon.

Damn squirrels! Maybe a booby trap of some sort? A bee bee gun? A real one?

Hang in there, Dan will get better, your tree will prevail and at some point, shaggy boy will deshag.

All This Trouble... said...

Yeah, I think the chicks are going to dig his scar. I'm so glad he's doing okay though! Whew!

I hate squirrels when they eat the things I love and run under my tires in spite of my best (and safe) efforts!

Ms. Moon said...

I know you must be working so hard to take care of everyone. If Mr. Moon was there, he'd shoot those squirrels for you. I know how you feel.
Take care of yourself, too, honey. Okay?

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hope Dan mends quickly.

Love you, Steph.

p.s. Squirrels are fuckers. Sonsabitches taunt my dog.

Mwa said...

The "before" picture just says it all. Wishing him a quick recovery. x