Saturday, July 16, 2011

tighter pegs indeed

I'm certainly not the first person to make this comparison, but there really is something about laundry on a clothesline that is remarkably like prayer flags. (Especially things like dish towels and pillow cases)

Even the act of hanging the laundry is meditative. One must even endure ant bites. Very zen.

The other day when I posted about line drying, there were a few comments I wanted to address...

  1. Those sheets are just solid lavender and my house is yellow. My camera is having issues with color that made the house look lime green and the shadows from the patio cover gave the sheets something of a psychedelic pattern. I'm not nearly exciting enough to have psychedelic sheets or a lime green house.
  2. Murr talked about electricity usage and spikes with the electric dryer. I'm glad she talked about that because my situation is a little different. My dryer is gas, but we don't have natural gas here, we have propane. And propane is fucking expensive. Like $800 every 3 months. If line drying makes even a small dent in that I will be glad.
  3. Line dried linens allegedly smell good. California smog may or may not adversely affect this.
  4. I mentioned the items sliding on the line in the wind and Mwa said I need tighter pegs. (BTW I like the word pegs better than clothespins, but I digress.) In fact, I just needed to use the pegs I had more smartly. For some reason I was using that first, larger notch. I have since moved up to the tighter notch closer to the spring/hinge (see photo below) and it works much better! Rookie mistake.

Clothespin or peg?


michelle said...

I applaud you for hanging linens on a clothesline regardless of the reasons why...

I thought the pict was super cool even if it was due to a wonk factor.

pegs. clothespins. it's all good


Ms. Moon said...

"Pegging the nappies," we would say if we were hanging diapers across the pond.
Isn't it funny how we've forgotten some of the most simple joys? Even outlawed them in some places.

Petit fleur said...


I like that.

As to what I like... CP or peg... I grew up with clothespin, so it doesn't bother me. I've seen the peg kind. They really are pegs, all one piece with a split in the middle. Not sure which work best or if there even is that big a difference.

Why am I babbling about pegs?


Mwa said...

Ah yes, the big hole must be for jeans or something. Glad it's working for you. I'd never heard of a gas powered dryer before.