Monday, April 11, 2011

the sabbath

Keeping The Sabbath on Saturday is a big deal for my parents. They attend the Seventh Day Adventist church right down the street from our place... my parents live immediately next door to their grandchildren and on the same street as their church. This is a good life. For us anyway.

For years now, Maya has attended church with them. She has many friends at church and I know them only by proxy. I always think this must seem very odd to some people. That I am so detached from my daughter's religious life.

But I have never been a church person. Even as a small child, the stories of Christianity didn't ring true for me. That doesn't mean I need to keep my kids from getting whatever they can out of it.

Austin has been a few times, and seemed to enjoy it. But after just a couple times he started telling my mom, "sorry Grandma, I can't go." I'm not sure why he can't, but I won't make him go. I told my mom if he wants to go again, he will.

In the mean time, he and I are back to our old tradition of walking/exploring on Saturday mornings.


This weekend we found a couple good size boroughs burrows. Not sure whether this is the home of rabbits or ground squirrels. This is why we don't walk very far from the house in the dark. If you stepped in this, you could easily break your leg.


Petit fleur said...

That field is beautiful. I like the image of Austin walking away from the camera. It's sort of nostalgic looking.

Austin is Harley's age so he's likely bored to tears in church. Too much sitting and not enough playing!

Harley asked to go to Church once, so I took him to a Unitarian Church. He was bored within minutes and getting LOUD. So I took him to the kiddie class. It's like preschool with some God in there. He was much better with that, but we didn't go back and he hasn't asked to.

Love the burrow.


All This Trouble... said...

Jesus H. Christ! I'm pretty sure I'm afraid to run into any Californian rabbits or ground squirrels now! And that reminds me of a photo I took for you a long time ago...

Stay always.

Steph(anie) said...

PF - There are kids that have been going since they were 6 weeks old. I don't know any personally, but they are out there.

ATT - A photo, for me? Lookin towards it.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I find church in nature. I guess you do, too.

Steph(anie) said...


Mwa said...

My children keep praying at odd times, which I suppose is what you get if you send them to Catholic school. I always have to stop myself from chiding them. Today, they played in the garden and kept singing Halleluyah. I didn't say a thing.