Thursday, April 21, 2011


Do you see him?

I know you don't. Here. Let me zoom in a little.

Does that help?

Little turd machines (rabbits) are hard to get pictures of.
They always take off.

Here's another. Mmmm... salad.

Maya hollers Mom! A grasshopper!
Without pause, I grab the camera.

Austin's favorite monster hunting ground,
the baby walnut grove out back -- volunteers
from the neighbor's.

If it were possible to get rich off of rabbit shit or walnut shells,
(crows eat all the nuts) I would be a gazillionaire.


Question of the day:

What's better, a whole lot of messy real
or a little bit of neat fake?


Petit fleur said...

I vote a lot of messy real. It attracts wildlife. In fact I was going to do a post about our overgrown haggard garden. It's got weeds and wild blackberries and all kinds of undesirable choke out the good stuff plant life.... But just a few days ago, Harley and I were digging out a patch for his spring flower bed and we spotted a beautiful baby bunny!!! And I got to touch it twice! He was so not afraid of us, it was odd. I almost called the neighbor to see if one of their pet bunnies escaped.

March madness all over.
Cool pix.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Love the pictures!

I'll take the messy real, thanks.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh honey. You know what I vote for. Every time. With the possible exception of hotel rooms vs. camping.