Wednesday, March 23, 2011

you wouldn't even know I was there

I have no real understanding of the rules and regulations regarding reincarnation. I am vaguely aware that some cultures believe that not only can you come back, but that you may come back as another species.

I think I would very much like to be a bug. Nothing gross like a cockroach. Nothing so troublesome as an ant (especially not an ant inside someone's house - to be smashed or poisoned). Nothing as majestic as a dragonfly. Surely I am nowhere near worthy of being a dragonfly.


Maybe something useful. Something that eats real pests. Yes. That would be good. And small. I want to fit into the tiniest of spaces. To disappear by virtue of my size. Surrounded by green light and leaves. Heaven.


No. Lower still. Not so flashy. Down in the dirt, with the green up above. Can you smell it now? That lovely wet dirt smell? So nice. Yes, that's it...

roly poly


What I was thinking about while walking around the garden center and lusting after the trees. I was good and just bought one grape vine.


Mwa said...

Why not a dragonfly? Fly, baby, fly!

Ms. Moon said...

There ARE no rules about reincarnation. And I'd just as soon be a dung beetle as most anything. Give me a job do to in the dirt and I'm happy.

Petit fleur said...

I like this.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I think you would make an EXCELLENT dragonfly.

I want to come back as a Holiday Inn lounge singer. Seriously.

I love you. Hope you have a good weekend.


Murr Brewster said...

So, you want to be an armor-plated bug. That rolls up into a ball. It's a living.

I want to be a big fat marmot that eats all summer and sleeps all winter and has a cool underground house with little cupboards and a really cool alpine view. But bugs are nice too.