Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm done

There was something in yesterday's court minutes that was new information to me, but you nice people out there probably don't want to know any more, so I think I'm done writing about Lori's trial here. With the possible exception of sharing my experience if indeed I am asked to testify regarding her sanity.


I must have something else to talk about.

I have house guests (again). I must be more pleasant and hospitable than I think I am. These people keep coming back.

Well, happy Friday. Have a good weekend. It's a long one for me... MLK day on Monday.


Petit fleur said...

You can share whatever you want/need to here... if you are just feeling you need to switch your focus, that's understandable. Just realize that this is your place to write about what you want. I come here because I connect with you as a person and mom... I benefit from all of your posts.

Hang in.

Steph(anie) said...

Thank you.

All This Trouble... said...

Wow! House guests! We haven't had any of those down here in the Land O' Ice!

And I second Petit Fleur's on all that other stuff.

Mwa said...

Guests AND a long weekend. Enjoy them! I'm sure you can use something to get your mind off the trial a bit.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh bless you, Stephanie. This is all so hard.