Saturday, January 29, 2011

bittersweet and sunshine yellow

We've lived here, on this dirt road, for about 14 years now. Well, actually 13 years, we moved away for one of those years. But through all of these years, civilization has made its way closer and closer to us. Tract homes, more and more paved roads, better shopping. They've all come to us.

Today Austin and I walked to a brand new park. Walked. I haven't lived in neighborhood with a park in walking distance since my mom and I live with my grandparents in Brea from 1981 to 1984. (Thought: As of this month, I have lived in California for 30 of my 33 years.)

So it bears repeating. Austin and I walked to the park.

He climbed on the playground equipment some but mostly we played "basketball." Austin's version of basketball is really just a game of tag played on a basketball court. A game of tag where *I* am always it. My knees and ankles may not recover for a week, but it was pretty fun.

On the way home, we could see our house straight ahead of us for about a quarter of a mile, and the yellow walls looked so nice in the sunshine. We stopped on the way to say hi to one of the neighbors that has been here since god was a boy. She's trying to sell her place. She's had a hard time keeping it up since her husband died a few years ago. Her severely disabled daughter is living in a group home now because she has gotten too old to care for her anymore. I hate to see her sell in such a market, but I understand that she has to do what's best for her.

New things come, old friends go, and our joints ache. Such is life.


Petit fleur said...

Civilization was creeping towards us here in Lloyd also till the economy tanked.

It sounds nice, having a park nearby. I love the sound of how your yellow walls look in the sun.


All This Trouble... said...

We went to the park yesterday too! We did not walk :o( And the kids were not feeling 100% but we went anyway. They insisted!

And there has never been a truer statement... "New things come, old friends go and our joints ache. Such is life."

Ms. Moon said...

Yep. Such is life.
I like thinking of you living in a yellow house.

Mwa said...

I live in a yellow house too! And with three parks within walking distance. But then again we need it because this area is ALL buildings and roads.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

And our joints ache. Amen to that shit.