Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Powers of Time

This lecture/animation is really interesting to me. I don't necessarily agree that people are past, present or future oriented exclusively, but they may have tendencies to each to some degree or another.

My daughter and mother are planners much more than I am. I think I could be qualified as a present hedonist but I do like to have sort of stock plans waiting in the wings... if X situation arises, I will be ready to do Y. I say I am a present hedonist because I would rather spend money than save it and I would rather eat food than be skinny.

I didn't completely follow the bit about family dinners - which time perspective that fits into, but eating dinner as a family, at a table, is a big priority in my house. They talked a lot about Sicilians being mostly past and present oriented, and I would think that Sicilians have sit down dinners - so maybe sit-down dinners tend more toward the past/present perspectives. But they also talked about sit-down dinners being on the decline in the U.S. and that kids in the U.S. are increasingly present hedonists while U.S. adults have tended to be future oriented.

Maybe the secret to happiness is to be more of a past positive kind of person. But I think that may be a slippery slope. It's one thing to remember the good times and keep them in your heart, but I don't like the idea of seeing the past as better than the present. That makes me think of the take America backs and such. I don't think as a society it's good to be past positive focused because that means (I think) it will be that much harder to make progress in the areas of gay marriage and environmental issues. (Of course, what I call progress isn't what others (like tea-partiers) might call progress.)

I guess like with so many things in life, it's about balance.

If you watch the video, do you think you tend to be more past, present or future oriented?


Petit fleur said...

I will watch when I have a few moments... This is interesting stuff to me. I am more of a now person, and somewhat of a future person.

I try to stay present my keeping in my body and crate future through positive thought and mantra. These are all relatively new developments though. (The past year or so) Will keep you posted on progress!

Petit fleur said...

Wow. That video is amazing! ANd scary. I can feel the truth in it... and also feel as though it will get worse before it gets better.