Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everything is Free

I'm taking the easy way out here the last few days and just posting some music I like. Doesn't Gillian Welch have a lovely voice?

Not much to report regarding my mother-in-law's impending open-heart surgery, just waiting. It was going to happen Wednesday, then Thursday, and is now supposed to happen Friday.


A conversation with Austin while listening to the radio --

me: Austin, do you hear this song?

him: [listening] Yes.

me: It's The Beatles.

him: [pause, smirk] I'm going to turn it off.

me: Oh no you're not!


Ms. Moon said...

Austin better just learn to love the Beatles. He better.

May said...

I like the music, but I miss your words. Just sayin'.

Petit fleur said...

I appreciate Austin's impish streak! I don't always appreciate Harley's... but I try.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

OH NO HE'S NOT! Laugh.

Bethany said...

i like this song, love being introduced to new music. sweet.
love that convo with Austin!