Saturday, November 6, 2010

the air today

There's such a good breeze today that I didn't even realize the ceiling fans weren't running (they're always running -- I can't stand still air).

It's been miserably hot here for November. The AC was set to come on autmatically still -- it had been forgotten about since summer -- and it actually came on a couple days this week when the temperature outside got into the upper 90s.

My mother-in-law is still awaiting surgery. For a bit yesterday they talked about not doing it at all. As badly as her heart needs to be fixed, her lungs may or may not be quite strong enough for the physical stress of such a surgery. But as of now they are saying maybe Monday... we'll see. Her 78th birthday is two weeks from today.


Petit fleur said...

I hope that everything works out for your MIL. Breezes can make us feel like everything will be ok. I love them too.


Ms. Moon said...

Try to spend as much good time with your mother-in-law as you can.
One never knows.

All This Trouble... said...

We have freezing temps here. But later in the week, it will be in the 70's again. I was overjoyed when the power bill was only a hundred bucks this month!!!

I sure hope they get your ma-in-law's troubles figured out soon. There is nothing like waiting...

michelle said...

I'm having weather envy.

Yes. Take some time now for you and the kids to hang with your mother in law. Ms. Moon is right. You never know.