Friday, October 1, 2010

My name is Stephanie, and I'm a collector

I'm a collector. Are you?

I'm not necessarily talking about comic books, or anything geeky like that. (Not necessarily.) I just mean it's part of my nature. I get hooked on something I like and buy more of the same. Thankfully, these items are often practical. I have somewhere around 10 of these nalgene bottles in all different colors. And I use them! I take a clean one to work everyday -- they don't just sit in the cupboard.

I literally have no idea how many Indian cotton thingies (bedspreads/tapestries) I have. I hang them on the walls. Use them as tablecloths. Make curtains out of them. They are great for picnics!

Sometimes I get carried away. One of my more recent kicks was cotton shopping bags. No more of those plastic bags! I have totes coming out my damn ears now, but again, I use them. I use the smaller ones to carry my lunch/snacks to work, the bigger ones for changes of clothes for the gym or for the boychild. And of course, when I remember, I use them as grocery bags. I'm done buying them now though. I have enough. Really.

And just when I thought I was between obsessions, I discovered peshtemals (or peshtamals or pestemals). They are hand-woven Turkish bath towels. Heaven help me.

Not to mention the vintage Blue Willow plates, old wine bottles (I just like the glass), crocs, sarongs, buddhas... you get the idea.

(This post needs pictures. I hope to add some later.)


Ms. Moon said...

You like nice things. Nothing wrong with that.

Mwa said...

That is not something I do. Except with books. And pens. And notebooks. Dammit. Seems I do.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I collect Buddhas, dragonflys, sunflowers, and English Bulldogs.