Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm hungry too

Would it be melodramatic of me to say that I think my legs are going to fall off?

Fine, I won’t say it then.

They bloody well hurt though.

I was reading Dooce yesterday, and she described an exercise where you get down on your knees one leg at a time and then back up to standing one leg at a time. Sounds simple enough. (Sort of reminds me of Catholic Calisthenics, actually, only without the pews.)

The thing is, in real life if you get down on the ground and back up again, you do it once here and there as needed. But doing reps? When you are within spitting distance of weighing ### pounds? HA! Hahahaha.

My legs are very crampy and sore today. So I decided to take a walk during lunch. I thought a nice easy walk would loosen me up.

I? Am an idiot.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hey, don't call my friend an idiot.

Mwa said...

We never had to kneel. Now isn't that weird? The Scottish Catholics do. I think the English ones, too. Maybe it's just different churches.

But ouch. That would be sore.

Petit fleur said...

Maybe an Epsom salt tubby? Sorry you're hurtin'.