Wednesday, September 22, 2010


And just like that, it’s fall. The sun still warms, but the air is cooler.

For Sale signs are popping up in my neighborhood faster than wildflowers after a wet winter. I’m not really sure where all these people want to go, but more power to them. Things are changing around us. The area isn’t as agrarian as it used to be. Tract homes and other developments inch their way closer to our quiet little spot every year. Some folks want to cash out and get out, I guess.

Meanwhile I find myself unusually content to stay put. I say unusually because I fancy myself a bit of a gypsy and love to dream about going to this place or that. But this place feels like some kind of nucleus to me. I was instantly centered the first time I set foot on this land. Everything in me sort of fell into place. That centered-ness has come and gone over the years, but it's still within reach.

I have a birthday coming up in a couple weeks and I think it may shape up to be a very good birthday. We have concert tickets for the whole family to see Jack Johnson (WOO-HOO!), and we are discussing plans to stay in a hotel after the concert and go to the zoo the next day, which I love completely.

So, here's wishing you a cool and enjoyable fall full of music and love... do you like the fall as much as I do?


Petit fleur said...

Absolutely LOVE fall!

Your birthday plans sound really fun.

I also like to dream about travel. I would be satisfied to do it in a Microbus here in the states. We've even considered selling the house and doing it. I think it would be an incredible adventure for Harley and we could visit relatives EVERYwhere. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone is selling any dwellings in this area any time soon.

I'm rambling. Coffee ramble, sorry! Like your post! Love you!

Mwa said...

We've both been feeling centered then. It's a good feeling to have.