Friday, August 13, 2010

The saddest movie ever made

I watched Grave of the Fireflies because it was put out by Studio Ghibli, the same folks that release all those Miyazaki movies I'm so fond of. This is the equivalent of watching Up just because it's a Pixar movie and John Lasseter is the fucking awesome. Which is completely valid by the way. Sorry, did I just geek out a little?

Anyway, I knew the basics about this movie. Japan. World War II. A brother and a sister making their way after an air raid (by the U.S.A.) destroys their home and... I'll stop there. Lest there be spoilers.

Saddest movie EVER. Period. I'm including Steel Magnolias and Life is Beautiful in this comparison. Shakespeare could have learned a thing or two about tragedy from this movie. Humanity is the worst experiment ever conducted by God or Nature or WHOEVER and deserves to wipe itself out if this is the kind of horrible thing it can do to itself.

And yes, I know there is just as much beauty in the world as there is tragedy and we are capable of doing great things too. But this isn't the movie to watch if you need to be reminded of that. It is a great movie. But I won't be watching it again real soon.


All This Trouble... said...

OH my. We have UP and I poked a little fun at a friend for crying. Well, I finally saw the whole thing. Jesus, it was sad. I cried too. Then, the other day, I found Joe in front of it and tearing up. When I walked in, he jumped up and said something about not wanting me to ever fall down a hill and die. I told him I've fallen down many hills and so far I'm not dead. Yet.
Anyhoo, I've had something with sudaphed in it and I just need to stop typing now.

Petit fleur said...

Whoa, I will likely not watch it... although now I'm curious.

You hit on my darkest primal fear. Humanity's ability to diabolically terrorize one another. And use their abundant creativity to do it. Gives me shivers.

Good post.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

In my current frame of mind it might not be wise to watch.

Love you!