Wednesday, August 4, 2010

good things

I feel like summer's coming to an end. And in some ways it is. Even though the heat isn't even in full swing yet. The kids will be back to school in 12 days. And this is my last week of the modified schedule we do at work during summer.

This is what I came home to a few days ago. He had bumped his head while horsing around on the couch. Dan said he disappeared, quietly, and reemerged a few minutes later with the bandaid on his head. Which was unnecessary, as there was no blood, but cute that he didn't want help (or permission).

Sunrise, yesterday. Are we noticing a pattern with these photos? He's so sweet when he's asleep. Awake he's more like a psychotic linebacker who got kicked out of the NFL for doping. Not really. Sometimes. Shadows on the curtain are from the rosebush outside my window. (Yes, he still climbs in bed with mama.)

Bonus late season wisteria bloom. This summer has been fairly mild (so far, knock on wood) and apparently this poor vine is confused. Confused and pretty.

This tree is down the street and around the corner from my place. There are a few pieces of what used to be a really kick-ass treehouse up there. I wish I had gotten a picture of it a year or two ago when more of the structure remained. I imagine it will all be gone soon. I like to think of the lucky kid who got to play up there.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love this line:

Awake he's more like a psychotic linebacker who got kicked out of the NFL for doping.

Ms. Moon said...

Heh-heh. I like that line too.
My wisteria has a bloom or two on it all summer. It's odd but a gift.

Mwa said...

I like a summer post like that - makes me feel lazy.

Petit fleur said...

It's unanimous I like the linebacker line too! I also like the feel of this post.

You've been a posting fool! I can't even keep up with you. Reading wise I mean. It's a good thing.
xo pf