Monday, July 12, 2010

just an update

I suppose it’s time for an update on my friend Lori. If you are new here, get the brief back story here.

The trial is underway, but I am not completely clear on some details. Like, I don’t think there is a jury (yet?), but how can you call it a trial without a jury? The publicly available minutes at this point are very brief and are not full transcripts. They really only say that she and the lawyers were present in court, that she is still being held in custody, and when the next court date is. I talked to her husband a couple weeks ago and I suppose I need to call him again. (I had heard a rumor that he was remarried (!) and had to check in with him. He laughed out loud and said no, absolutely not. He has filed for divorce but it is not yet final. And he’s not even letting people fix him up yet. He told me to tell the person spreading that rumor to shut up and that they are an idiot. Which made me laugh.)

I had a dream on Sunday morning that Lori was out of jail and pregnant. She looked hopeful. That dream gave me such a feeling of dread and sadness that I couldn’t go back to sleep. It gave me only a little comfort to remember that she had her tubes tied after Garrison was born.

I still find myself sometimes thinking of something she and I agreed about, and how that agreeing made me feel verified. And then I remember what happened and that maybe the statement “Lori agrees/d with me,” no longer holds water.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I was thinking and wondering about Lori the other day.

Odd that you posted this, buddy.

All This Trouble... said...

Me, too. I was thinking of the situation about 3 days ago. I will say I am glad to hear her husband seems to be...processing (? Not sure that is exactly the word I want) this terrible thing. Thank you for sharing the update.

Petit fleur said...

Sounds like they are going to have a whopper of a time selecting an unbiased jury in that area... I agree, not sure how they can have court dates with no jury.. unless they are just hearings.

I am going to write you an email because my response is too long for comments.
xo pf

Mwa said...

I have a friend who has made some life decisions impacting on her children terribly, and I feel so conflicted about all of it - I can't even begin to imagine how it must be for you.