Monday, June 21, 2010

my baby's not a baby anymore

Four years old. It goes so fast, doesn't it?

He got his present a little early over the weekend. A big boy bike! (With training wheels.)

He is very serious about wearing a helmet.

Just don't expect him to get anywhere real fast just yet :)

Happy Birthday baby boy. Right now you LOVE all things Toy Story, The Last Airbender, and Thomas. You know several Dr. Seuss books by heart. You LOVE to go in the pool and have told me repeatedly that your next pair of shoes should be Skechers. When you are asked to do something to don't want to do (like go to bed) you very politely say "no thank you."


adrienne said...

happy birthday to you both. xo

Mwa said...

No thank you - that makes me giggle.

Happy Birthday to him!

Ms. Moon said...

Good manners are the basis for civilization. Obviously you are raising that darling child right. Happy birthday to him and to you, too, Mama.

michelle said...

sweet boy. sweet mama


Sarcastic Bastard said...

He is a cuteness, and i wish him many, many, more Happy Birthdays.

All This Trouble... said...

Awwww. Mine turned four yesterday. I like age 4. I hope yours had a great birthday and I wish him many (fast or slow) bike rides in the future!

Bethany said...

Happy Happy! He's close to me. And I just added a zero to his 4.
He looks so happy and loved.
You are a sweet Mama, no matter what you say.

Anonymous said...

omg sweetie he is so big, i cant wait to see him! i miss you all very much, Rora is down there until friday if you wanna go grab a peek at her! im sure shed LOVE to see your beautiful face :)