Friday, June 4, 2010

I managed to write more than one word today

The Project From Hell just about put me over the edge yesterday at work, but then I got a stay of execution. I work with some pretty great people, so you know, THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT.

‘Nuff about that. Oh, but as an update to my question a few days ago, I will not be quitting my job (yet) to go to school full time in the fall. It looks like I will be going to school part time in the fall though. And I have learned enough to be VERY careful about managing my course load so I don’t completely lose my shit or forget what my kids look like. More on that in a few weeks. (School that is, not forgetting what my kids look like.)

Part and parcel with that is MONEY. Like, not spending so much. I need to change my frame of mind a little. I really like treasures. Not expensive things, just little pretties. Earrings, pretty things to set out around the house, that sort of thing. But now I need to realize that I have ENOUGH treasures. I have a small house; I can’t keep putting things into it indefinitely. And I only have 2 piercings in each ear (for now) and I have more than enough earrings to rotate through. I have enough. I appreciate what I have.

Now the DVDs and CDs, I probably won’t ever stop spending money on those. I can be smart about it though. I know which store is the cheapest for new releases (Target, but only the first week they’re out) and I have gotten pretty experienced at picking good used discs. Music and movies are my primary forms of entertainment and I’m not giving them up. (I realize CDs are old-school, but I only download MP3s when I just like 1 or 2 on a disc. If I like more than that, or if it’s an artist I’ve been a fan of for a while, I buy the disk.)

Our household bills are already pretty manageable. Small house means not too much electricity or gas for heat. But an acre means a lot of water sometimes, though we try to be careful about that. Our satellite TV is fairly expensive, so we may shop around for a better deal. Our internet service sucks, but we’ll be riding out the contract that ends in December before we make any changes there. And cell phones, well we’re basically fucked there.

Have a good weekend all! I don’t have to go to class on Saturday anymore so, YAY! I’m still waiting to get my grade… I'm thinking MAYBE an A, but no lower than a B.


Kori said...

I acutally quite liked yesterday's post, myself. But this one is good, too.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

You have a good weekend, too, Steph. It's great that you don't have to go to class tomorrow.

Love you,


Petit fleur said...

An A, that's what I'm thinkin.

Mwa said...

Saving money is so tiring. But probably worth it in the end. I stopped spending quite a while back, and it's amazing - after hardly any time at all it's like you never wanted those things in the first place. I don't miss it anymore. I just wonder what I was doing.