Monday, May 3, 2010

pajamas as daywear and futon lovin'

I am happy to say that my weekend was completely Chuck E Cheese free. The girl picked the mall, and the boy was fine with that. There are toy stores at the mall after all. Oddly though, he didn’t pick any toys (that I could afford this month; wait for your birthday, kid). He really wanted a Woody costume. The Woody costume cost $50. I did NOT buy the Woody costume. Thank all that is good in the Universe, Maya found him some pajamas that look just like a Woody costume. Well, the way those tuxedo t-shirts look just like a tuxedo. The pajamas cost $16. I kissed that girl right there in the mall.

Unfortunately, the boy now wants to wear those pajamas everywhere. I would take a picture and share it here, but the stretchy fabric really accentuates Austin’s… physical abundance. And I don’t want any such picture to come back and haunt either of us.

Austin’s new mate’s bed got delivered and built… but I probably won’t do photos until we get his quilt made. And through a chain of events too boring to type out, this necessitated the return of the futon to the living room. Now, I know the futon is not the most beautiful piece of furniture in the world, but I love that damn thing. There’s something about the angle and height of the back and the depth of the seat that is just right. And the arms are flat, level, indestructible wood of some kind, so you can put your drink RIGHT THERE. I really do love that futon. I may or may not have laid down on it and whispered sweet nothings to it about how I had missed it.


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds like a completely successful weekend to me.

Petit fleur said...

You my friend, are getting funnier by the minute!

Yay for Maya! Yay for Austin... and of course, yay for you!
peace sista,

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Glad you didn't have to go to Chuck E. Damn Cheese. That place drives me fucking nuts.



Bethany said...

Yay about the pjs.
That's good news.
I hate my futon. I'm glad you like yours.

All This Trouble... said...

Physical abundance? Hmmm. I like that.

My kids want me to describe myself and their father to them. I say he is tall and thin and that I am plump. They like the word plump and I do too. It's entirely descriptive of my situation. Of course, now they ask to feel the "meat" on my bones and tell me they want to be plump too. They both contend I feel better to them than daddy does. He's pokey, they say.

And I thought I hated futons until I slept on one. Now, I'm in love.