Monday, May 10, 2010

mopping, mothers and tests

Time keeps on slippin slippin slippin into the future.

I swear I just blinked and 3 more days have gone by. I don’t know if I like that feeling yet.

I mopped my kitchen/dining/living room on Saturday night (that’s how I party) because it had gotten too bad to leave it, and then on Sunday one of my cousins (David) came by before we all headed up to my mom’s, and my MIL and her dog got there at the same time, and poor Bella got so excited to see everyone that she piddled little puddles every couple feet around the house. Sweet David took it upon himself to grab some paper towels and clean it up. (Side note, David is 28, single, tall and handsome as all get out. Seriously. Oh, and straight. And Jewish. What else would you like to know?) So, the moral of the story is… mopping is a total waste of time.

My dear mother cooked for 14 people on Mother’s Day. Yes, I am ashamed of myself for letting her host. But there is still crap EVERYWHERE in my house and I just didn’t have it in me to do this one. I did bring strawberries, two kinds of bread and two kinds of wine, so I contributed. A little.

I got flowers from each of the kids, flowers from David, flowers from my aunt, a card from my mother and some special favors from Dan. It was a perfectly wonderful weekend full of laughter in spite of the fact that I had a test on Saturday morning for my class… can’t wait to see how I did on that. Though I know for a fact I did not get 100% this time... C’est la vie.


Ms. Moon said...

Sounds good to me! Hope you did well on the test, sweet girl. I bet you did. And mopped floors? An invitation to floor-disaster. Happens every time.

Mwa said...

You're doing a very good job selling that David. Shame I'm already taken. Good luck with the results of the test!

Petit fleur said...

Weird. I brought two kinds of bread and strawberries to a party I attended on Sat also! (No wine though)

Sounds like a fun time. And remember, if you are always the host, you may be robbing someone else of their chance to do it! heheheh! See, really you were just being considerate. :-)

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Sometimes I get excited and piss all over the floor when visitors come to call, too.