Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hair extremes

Summer is coming and because it is what we do around here, we shaved the boy's head.

Yer not gonna get me with that camera he says. See those blue eyes? Blue eyes get me in trouble.

Arrrgh! Pirate face! Wiggle. Wiggle. Will not smile.

Holy crap! A smile. You should have seen the face I had to make to get that picture of him.

And just for contrast, and because Ms. Moon's question about cutting her hair off made me think of it, here's mine:

First: I really need to clean that mirror! Second: my arms are huge, I think there may be some muscle under there, but mostly it's that other stuff. There is natural curl in that hair (thanks to my bio-dad), but it gets a little twisted and jacked being up in a messy bun all the time. I had cut it short when Austin was 3 months old, and as it grew out it went through an awkward stage and I got in the habit of putting it up. And up it stays.

It's not easy to get a picture of the back of your own head (at least, not easy for me). The photo above was one of the rejects, but I kind of like it now.


Petit fleur said...

I love the pirate scrunch! And what a beautiful smile... I am curious about the face YOU were making to get it!

I have serious hair envy. Your hair is magnificent!

Ms. Moon said...

Yep. We're in the same boat. Hair up all the time. And it IS hard to take a picture of the back of your head! Maybe we should just all shave our heads like your boy so our eyes would be as pretty as his.

Mwa said...

I know about the hair up - so much easier. But you really should wear it down. It's gorgeous! When mine is down, I feel much better.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Your hair is beautiful. I have hair envy.

Your son is really cute, too. What lovely eyes he has. I have eye envy now, too.

Love you.

All This Trouble... said...

Well, shit! After Ms. Moon's hair post I had a goddess dream of rivers of honey. I can't wait to see what you're floating my dreams.

He's super cute and your hair is divine. Mine is baby fine and going grey as fast as it possibly can.

michelle said...

Dang he's cute. I could squeeze him till his head pops off.

And your hair is gorgeous.