Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Universe was telling us to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN

The day after I sprained my ankle (which seems to be healing quickly, by the way), both my mother and my grandmother went down hard. Grandma got 11 stitches in her elbow but miraculously didn’t break any bones. Just an hour or two later, my mom sprained her ankle after she misstepped walking down a slope.

Austin was present when each of us fell, but was not at fault in any physical way. Cosmically, I'm not so sure.

And – AND – Dan got a speeding ticket. (His first in 20 years, as he keeps telling anyone who will listen.)

Alright, Universe. WE HEAR YOU.


Mel said...

You must also remember this:

Caution - Gravity!

Thats our family joke after my third fall in a year. My arm works finally, after a year, from the shoulder injury when the dog knocked me down the stairs. I'm glad I haven't broken bones yet! Be careful out there, we don't get any more resilient!

Mwa said...

COOL. Freaky, but cool.

michelle said...

Slowing down is not a bad thing at all.

And it's cheaper than co-pays

Petit fleur said...

Sometimes it be that way. I hope everyone recovers nicely and enjoys the leisurely pace.


All This Trouble... said...

Wow. I'm glad everyone is mostly okay. Keep it between the ditches, folks!

May said...

I fell ass over teakettle just last week. It was so very embarrassing. I'm glad you are healing quickly!