Friday, April 23, 2010

spin cycle

Is it just me, or are the weeks beginning to scuttle by at an accelerated pace? Is that the first sign that I am – of a certain age? Not yet middle aged. (Am I? Not quite.) A working adult. Yeck.

That is all to say… holy crap, it’s Friday again! Yippee!

Wait. What difference does it make if it’s Friday? Tomorrow I have class and there are 12 mountains of laundry waiting for me at home. Why don’t I have a maid? Round and round. I’m kidding. I LOVE the weekend. I just hate Sunday night when I’m in a mad rush to get ready for Monday again. Round and round.

The house is in utter chaos with my Mother-in-Law moving out (she left behind some things she didn’t want anymore for us to deal with… thanks!) and us moving back into the master bedroom, and Maya moving back into her room and OH MY GOD did I mention the fucking laundry everywhere?! I will take pictures of the lovely bedrooms when they are more presentable.

I have faith. We will get there. There will be some modicum of order. I have to believe that so I don’t completely lose my shit.

And me and the man have a private bathroom again. Yippee! Just watch your step; don't trip on the dirty laundry.

And don't bother telling me Maya is 13 and should be doing the laundry. THAT is another post altogether. That girl. Gotta love her. Literally. I have to. It's Mom Law.

Dan either. He just this year learned NOT to inform me when he is out of clean socks*. (I work all week and the washer is right in there, dear.) Don't want to push it.

*Can you just imagine that scene if he were the woman, telling her husband that she was out of clean socks? And all that that implies. HA! Fat chance.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I have mountains of laundry to do, too, babe. I hear ya. You are not alone.

You are right about Dan and the laundry. His hands ain't broke.

Ms. Moon said...

And I take yet another picture of a madonna down off the wall.

Petit fleur said...

At least he's not running out to buy new socks instead of washing them! ha!

Seriously feeling your pain from the bayou.

Hang in there,

Bethany said...

this really made me laugh, i loved your energy and writing, how it went round and round like you were feeling. perfect.
you'll get there.
exciting about the rooms, having your space back. yay!
i can't even imagine someone telling me they were out of socks!

Mwa said...

That's too much stress, eh?

I am too lucky to have a husband I can inform of the lack of towels or whatever. The sweetheart even knows how to operate the dishwasher.