Monday, April 26, 2010

preparing for summer

It’s here already. The Heat. 90-something today. And for some reason I have a harder time with 90’s in the spring and fall than I do with 115° in August. I’m just not ready for it yet, I guess.

Just last week I was ready to write a love note to the sun. We had rain for like three days in a row, or something crazy like that. And it was cold. Like below 60°. Practically unheard of later than February around here. And I WAS FREEZING MY ASS OFF. (I just used “like” twice in one paragraph. Fucking Californian, I am.)

Be careful what you ask for, missy! The sun came back alright, hard and fast. And now I’m having to rethink my all-black-all-the-time wardrobe philosophy. And give up sugar and salt because my system struggles to evacuate that crap in the heat and I feel it in my blood and muscles and joints.

And meat. Again. My ongoing battle with my internal vegetarian led me to buy fake meat for the first time ever today. My usual approach to not eating meat is just to NOT EAT MEAT. You know, grains and beans and all that good stuff. But when Dan told me today that he wanted to grill burgers for dinner tonight, my immediate reaction was that I won’t be able to eat that. Period. Must try something else.

Intellectually, and as a wanna-be Buddhist, I see vegetarianism as a good and noble thing. But bottom line, for me? I just have to be really freaking careful about what I eat. So many things just tear my ass up. Literally.

And on that note I bid you adieu. Have a lovely Monday evening. Take care of yourselves out there.


Petit fleur said...

I'm not ready for it either. I'm with you on this one. Come to think of it, I'm with you on most things.

Being overheated with a torn up ass is just no fun at all.

Sending cool thoughts,

Ms. Moon said...

Ain't nothing wrong with a good veggie-burger. I think.

michelle said...

so did you go with soy or seitan? they're both good with a lot of cheese n fixins...

Steph(anie) said...

PF - Thank you for the cool thoughts!

Ms. Moon - I was dreading it, but it wasn't bad at all!

michelle - It was Morning Star brand... I think they are seitan, but I'm new to this gig.

Mwa said...

My inner vegetarian has issues as well. I sympathise.

The heat I just can't imagine. We get that for a week, sometimes a few weeks in the middle of summer. Actually, it's perfect around here just now - around 20 deg (Celsius) - just gorgeous.

Petit fleur said...

In my humble opinon, Boca Burgers kick so much ars over Morn Star. The Boca also has MUCH better crumbles which you can use as extra protein for veggie mixes, stir fry, pasta dishes or tacos. I like to sauté it up with soy sauce and/or Terriaki. Terriaki RULES BABY!!! Also there are these fake beef tips that are pretty rockin. Don't know the name right off, but the hub gets them... yummm..

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Wish I could have your 90 degrees. We are still on the cool side here in Buttfuck, Ohio.

Love you.