Friday, April 30, 2010

fun or something like it

Hi all! I've been thinking about the fact that blogging comes easier (for me) when I have something to complain about. Which is pretty shitty, I think. I don't want to just put whiny crap out there. You know?

So here I am saying "I'm o-KAY!" But I really have nothing else to say. I did almost blog about the light and air last night. It was so magically lovely out. But then I just decided to enjoy it instead of going inside and turning on the computer.

I guess now that I have a laptop with a battery that lasts longer than 30 seconds I could try taking it outside... I'll have to remember to try that.

Dan has concert tickets tonight for a show that I wouldn't be caught dead at, so it'll just be me and the kids. Maya has made it very clear that she wants to take this opportunity to do something FUN! She went so far as to suggest Disneyland, which won't be happening. But I think I've decided to let them pick between Chuck E Cheese and The Mall. Shudder. The best I can say about those two options is at least neither would last longer than a couple hours, and then I can go home. Dan's gonna owe me a night.

But I have a cute little house, two gorgeous kids, a mostly decent (sometimes great) husband, a good job that I don't always hate, and a car that is paid off and runs (knock on wood). I have brains in my head and feet in my shoes. And it's Friday! (Again, already, really?) And payday! I'm o-KAY.

Have a good weekend!


Kori said...

I think we all tend to blog more and better when things are shitty; makes us feel less alone. Or maybe I say that because I have only been blogging the shit lately, I don't know.

I would personally rather chew off my left arm than either go to chuck e. cheese OR the mall-thankfully we have neither here so the options are to, I don't know, stay in and watch a movie or stay in and read a book.

Steph(anie) said...

Kori - I like the staying in options better myself, but Maya likes to GO! OUT! DO SOMETHING SPECIAL! And I say no, a lot.

ALSO... this does not mean this will suddenly become a complaint-free zone. I just want to remember to post the hunky-dory stuff too.

michelle said...

Have a great evening Steph!

try to avoid chuck e cheese if at all possible

Bethany said...

love your little buddha.
so glad to hear this.
thanks for sharing your good stuff and your universe letter on my blog.
made me smile and sigh.

Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. No Chuckie Cheese Freak for me. But whatever you did, I hope it was fun and mercifully brief.
Have a great weekend, dear Steph.

Maggie May said...

i love to hear that life is good to you!!!

Petit fleur said...

Good one Steph! I like that last bit especially about the brains and the feet. You crack me up.

I hope you and the kiddos had a good time.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Hope it was a good weekend, Steph. This was a cute post. Glad your world is largely happy and good.



Mwa said...

Yay for okay! That is a good feeling. Or at least an okay one.