Monday, March 22, 2010

Random things I have strong opinions about

  • Potatoes should always be eaten with the skin on.
    Fried, roasted, baked, whatever. This makes for a very nicely textured mashed potato too. (Mom says: That's where all the vitamins are. Grandma says: But they're peelings. I say: Yummy! I'll take yours if you don't want 'em.)
  • Birds should not be kept in cages.
    I’m talking about pet birds in cages here, not chickens in pens. A bird in a cage in a house just breaks my heart. And maybe this makes me a hypocrite, but the big aviary at the San Diego Zoo is completely awesome. But it is HUGE and has an amazing number of trees and ponds and things. It is my happy place.
  • Diet Mountain Dew is disgusting.
    Unfortunately, the real stuff is like heroin for me. Set the counter back to 1 day since my last Dew.

Any random opinions you would like to share today?


Mwa said...

English speakers who go live abroad should bother to learn the local language. That's my random opinion for the day, but I completely agree with the bird/cage thing.

Ms. Moon said...

I agree with the bird thing too but have always wanted an aviary of my own. Is that wrong?

Petit fleur said...

I agree with everything except I don't have an opinion about the MT Dew... Oh, yea, I hate asthma!

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Diet Mt. Dew is disgusting. I'm with you, woman.

I hate cell phones and would like to smash THEM ALL with hammers.