Thursday, March 4, 2010

I. R. O. Oh no! N. Y. Why? Because I said so.


I just had to get it out there the first time, because I know that word makes some of you retch. We have somewhere around a thousand DVDs in this house, and a substantial number of them are associated with the D word.

And since I keep giving them money in $18 increments anyway, I joined the Disney Movie Rewards program -- club -- thingy. The overall premise is that you punch in a magic code every time you buy one of their movies and get points toward, well -- crap. Things. Disney Things.

Today I traded (redeemed) some points for things for the first time and immediately after submitting my order I got an email from the D people that said:

Thank you for your redemption...

Redemption. Seriously. You can't make that shit up.

If only I'd known sooner that the road to redemption was paved with Disney movies!

Dripping. With. Irony.


Petit fleur said...

Perfect. I need some redemption my own self. Let me know how it goes... maybe I'll get me some too!

Ms. Moon said...

Somehow I am not surprised.

Mwa said...

Redemption! LOL!