Friday, March 19, 2010

having a geek moment

Dear boss,

I can’t get a damn thing done today. I’m sorry. But one of my bloggy friends asked me a rhetorical question about a song, the song, that most evokes the ocean (or water) and it done fried my brain. Picking one song that most evokes the ocean is damn near impossible. I mean, it’s the freaking OCEAN for crissakes. Might as well ask for the song that best evokes God. It’s just too damn big.

The ocean is peace and danger, life and loss, beauty and pain. Imagine me doing my best Chong impersonation when I say “it’s huge, man.”

Now, if she asked me for a playlist, then we could talk. I’ve got ALL KINDS of songs about ALL KINDS of water. Especially rivers and rain. Not to mention instrumental stuff that leaves more to the imagination. I could do a CD of rain songs, and a CD of river songs and waterfalls. And yeah, the ocean too, but frankly my view of the ocean is skewed toward one of two perceptions: 1) it is danger and loss; or 2) it is sex and surf.

I also feel the need to acknowledge the fact that I have only seen and been in the ocean in two places: the west coast of the US (all over CA) and Italy. I’ve never been to Hawaii or Africa or Japan or Greece or South Carolina a thousand other places where the ocean is probably an entirely different beast.

So surely you must understand that I’ve got more important things than work on my mind.






Ms. Moon said...

I hope boss understands.

Mwa said...

I have very similar perceptions of the ocean. Making me think now...

adrienne said...

LOVE the oceany sound of the dido...but it's too sad.

i think you may have done i with the underwater's AMAZING, and i adore the way it looks. amazing!

p.s. please don't get fired over my request!!!

Steph(anie) said...

Oddly, this is a conversation my boss would probably be interested it. :)