Saturday, March 13, 2010


The first fresh, locally grown strawberries of the season = Heaven on Earth

I wish you could smell these. We had a lunch of leftover spaghetti and then dove into the berries. I'm too ashamed to admit how soon all of these will be gone. But I have to build up my strength, because I have A LOT of work to do:

5 trees, 60 bulbs and about a gazillion seeds. Life is hard ;)


adrienne said...


i thought those trees were herbs. either way, i'm jealous.

happy spring!

Bethany said...

lucky you!
Go Steph!

PS I meant to tell you, please don't walk in your crocs, get a decent pair of walking sneakers, your feet and back will thank you.

Ms. Moon said...

And life is sweet. I am going to spend all day in the yard tomorrow if at all possible. Yay!

Petit fleur said...

I can smell them!! I CAN I CAN!!!!!

All This Trouble... said...

Oh crap! Here is your blog!!!

Please disregard any odd facebook messages.
I am a doofus.

This post is awfully seedy.

L and L said...

Hi Steph, Lis here. Those strawberries are stunning! Your garden looks like it is going to be amazing too. Nice to be in your zone. Love, Lis