Monday, March 15, 2010


A certain someone I happen to be married to had himself a 40th birthday yesterday!

Maya made him a sign with her own two little hands.

He cooked his own dinner. Now, before you go getting all impressed, he did it because HE IS A CONTROL FREAK. No one else would do it right. There were crab legs, clams, oysters, corn on the cob and some other stuff in that pot. Separately, there were vegetables, rolls, baked beans, and fried potatoes. And enough iced tea to drown a person.

Hope you saved room for dessert. Chocolate meringue pie from the bakery. (Good lord, I am a terrible wife. I didn't cook a thing all day. No, wait, I cooked the veggies. And I did clean the house. Some.) There were also strawberries with shortcake, ice cream and whipped cream.

Contemplating what to wish for...

I can't believe he's 40! He was 25 when we met and 26 when we had Maya. I would tease him about being 30 before she was in kindergarten. What an old man! And now here is is 40! Where does the time go? Gah.


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Boy, Steph, his birthday meal sounds great to me! I hope he has many, many, more.



Steph(anie) said...

'twas a feast.

All This Trouble... said...

Happy Birthday, Dan! I hope you have 80 more!

Petit fleur said...

Watch what yer callin old there missy!! Don'chya know life starts at 40!! ha!

It sounds like a fabulous feast and a very sweet day.

Best wishes Mr. Unsweet Pappa.

Ms. Moon said...

Happy, happy to your man!

Mwa said...

40! That's a big one. I'm trying to ignore that that one's coming.